Top Businesses Ideas In Nigeria You can Do Without a Physical Shop

There are really lots of businesses you can do not just in Nigeria but from any part of the world and you don’t have the need to have a physical shop for the business. In this post we have researched and come up with businesses you can do in Nigeria without a physical shop. We chose to target Nigeria as a case study and this is because our interest is on alleviating poverty in Nigeria by given Nigerians business ideas that can change their status in the bad economy ridiculing the polity. As you move down in the post you will see those businesses you may not have thought of and they will surprise you with the rate of success you will have in them if you ever try them.

What are those businesses you can do in Nigeria without a physical shop

Online selling:

We are starting off with online selling which is the hub of the whole thing. The internet has made whole lots of things that used to be difficult easy. Now you can start online business that does not require you to own a physical shop and one good thing is that once you build your customers you can make millions overnight because your customers are littered all over the whole world. Some of you may have heard about sites like,,, etc. Those are just few of the site you can sell and market a product to earn money. Now all you need to do is visit those sites and make enquiries on how they operate. We will still engage you and explain how it works but that will be in another post where we will explain in details how to start selling in those websites even telling you how to acquire customers online.

Network Marketing.

The second in our list of businesses you can do online without a physical shop is Network Marketing. Network marketing from an expert view is a method of marketing that it major focus is on individuals having the ability to harness their personal networks to grow a business or sell a product. You can easily create your own Business Network as a downline where you can start to your own product to your customers or recruit people that will work under you and they will buy/sell to increase the revenue for you. This allows you to earn a commission following their sales as they are below you and whatever they sell you will certainly have a commission without even being present on the point of sale. Network marketing has different models that you can earn money and there are many of them you can check out. There is even one that is owned and run by former America’s president Donald Trump which you can leverage and learn how it works so you can start building your network immediately.

Invest in Share Market/Stock Market

This is another great business you can do without a need for a physical shop. But you have to learn it very well before you can start investing. You actually need to understand the system and how it works before you can make something out it.  This is purely investment with no bosses where you don’t need any physical shop to start it. This is the kind of deal that Warren Buffett is known for and has made billions of dollars from it. Now its time to define what Stock market means.

According to a source it defined A share market as a model where shares are either issued or traded in. This is somehow different from stock although they are almost the same where a stock market helps you trade financial instruments like bonds, mutual funds, derivatives as well as shares of companies. A share market on the other hands only allows trading of shares.


Freelancing has been defined as the use of your skills, education, and experience to work with many clients at the same time trying to balance things out and deliver the job you get from each at the exact time you agreed with the person who is your client. You can take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. All you need to do here is make sure you satisfy your clients by completing each project and you will be paid. There are various sites now on which freelancing work opportunities are available. This sites includes but not limited to UpWorks, Fiverr, Freelancing, etc. It is now left for you to go and find out which you can signup and approved. Once you are approved you can start posting the skills you can do and customers will definitely start to locate you. The site will give you the chance to add your details including your number, your email address, and all the information including your picture and videos of your gig.

Virtual assistant services

This similar to freelancing but you will need to have have a skill or expertise that other people would find beneficial. There are many company that will hire you to provide virtual assistance to their client online. This doesn’t require you to own a physical shop or even move to the place where the company is located as all of the things that concerns this is done online.

Web Design/Mobile app development

Now you can also do well online without having a physical shop. Web design needs you to learn the skill but we assume if you are going this path you would have learned this before now. Go ahead and leverage on the sites listed above and build your customers. Gather review from friends to let people know that you can deliver. If you setup your profile you will also need to gather some review either from friends or family and this will help make the buyer believe that you can do what you said you will.


We have journeyed through the post to offer you some of the possible ways you can start a business without having a physical shop. You can go ahead and look through them to determine the one that suits you and look through their pages to learn how it works. If you find this article useful do share to friends around.

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