Recharge Card Printing Business: How to make passive income and build a business around it

Recharge card printing business is one type of business that is run on low key but makes most lucrative list of businesses one can do in Nigeria. Recharge card printing business is changing from what we used to know to a new style of business that one that run full time or part time. There is this need by everyone who makes call each day to purchase a recharge card and thats where the business of recharge card printing comes in to serve this gap. You can start the recharge card printing and its something anyone can do if you are guided on where, how and what to do in order to start it. We will always say that in every business you must start from somewhere and that is the same thing with starting a recharge card business in Nigeria.

Most times expert advice that in every business you want to venture into it is ideal that you get your business registered as this will give you a good ground for a start and also make your business look serious and as well professional. So we will encourage you to take business registration serious especially if you are putting in money as startup capital.

In Nigeria, the body responsible for business registration is known as corporate affairs commission which will guide you on step by step on how you can get your business fully registered and ready for operation. To register your business you may need to visit any corporate affairs commission around your state. You can also search online on their official website and you will be able to contact them where they will in turn tell you all you need to get your business registered.

The corporate affairs commission may not require a lot from you to register your business but there are known and permanent fees that you ought to pay before the process will kickstart. For instance you have to secure name for your business which will cost about 10,000 naria for you to secure your name. You just have to go to their official website and inquire from them all that they will need from you to get your business fully registered with them. There are advantages which one of them is to make your business known to the government of Nigeria before ever going into production. Now without saying a lot about this lets get into the real reason why we are here on this post page.

Recharge Card Printing Business step by step information on how to start

In the Printing of recharge card we have discussed the best step by step guide on where and how to start below.

1. You need a laptop or desktop computer

A computer system is one of the things you require to start a recharge card printing. It is on the laptop that you will install all the software you will be using to work. Without owning a laptop or desktop you will be required to go through a cyber café which we do not really recommend as it will waste the time you could have used for other things as you look for where to locate a cyber café.

 2. You need a Voucher software

This method which is calculated to be the easiest and most affordable will require you to get a voucher software which you will install on the laptop we talked about above. Note that there are other ways to go about recharge card printing which will need you to purchase the virtual machine made for it if you are not going to use the laptop. This voucher software is sold at 20,000 naira at the time of writing this post and we encourage you to check the current price on onuahia marketplace.

How to use the Voucher software to print recharge card

To do this you will first need to contact your mega dealer who you are to order the software from. Once you have done this then you will need to install the software into your laptop system. After you install the software there will be an encrypted pin codes  which will be sent to your email address. When you receive the pin code you will be required to de-encrypted them with the software you purchased earlier.

Once you have done the above the next is to connect with your printer and then start printing them out for sale and that’s how simple it is for you to start the printing of recharge card business. This business can be done passively as you explore other entrepreneurial business skills that you can use to complement it until you are fit to go full time on the business which is when you might have saved more money.


We have laid down a useful step by step guide on how you can leverage on the recharge card printing business to make money either passively or actively depending on what you want in your business. Recharge card printing business is one of the best businesses you can start with minimal capital and you can grow it to the next level. If you are serious about making money and you have not idea yet we will advice you to start up recharge card business. This has been done and made many money. We are working hard to update this post and when we see the need to update we ill alert all our subscribers about it. So if you will want to see more post like this and also receive message when this post has been update do subscribe to our blog in a few clicks.

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