Makeup in Nigeria: How to make money being a makeup artist

Makeup business is an agelong business that has been proven to be lucrative. Many have become successful in life by just being a makeup artist. One cool thing is that if you know the business well the amount of money you can make out of it will be unimaginable that many may even think you are into blood money.

This is why in this article we have taken it upon ourselves to create a guide that will lead you through becoming successful in this makeup business.

To be able to make make money being a makeup artist, one should have some kind of startup capital which we assume have already been taken care of.
The said fund will or would have been used to get  tools like brushes, etc. With the above coupled with your mindset you can grow and push your makeup business beyond expectations. Without so much talk

1. Build your brand

It is the most crucial for the success of any build your brand by giving your customers the best because having a good name in doing the best of what you can attracts more people which also attract more money.

2. Good rates

One wouldn’t want to charge too high and scare all potential customers away neither you don’t want your rate so low that your business is costing you money. So it best to consider few things first like how much it cost to maintain this business, what kind of customers do you want to attract, before you can now set a price which will then be profitable together with this factors.

3. Create online content.

Thou it’s takes awhile to grow and gain large following and recognition,online content is one of the major ways to make money this days. But with consistency and relevance you can generate good income. For example You open an Instagram account or YouTube channel and make sure you create good content and post consistently to keep your followers engaged.And this attracts attention and people to you channel.

4. Be a retailer.

As a makeup artist you can make more money by buying products from brands in the industry and retail them. You can advertise those products to your customers and also sell it to them.This is also a major way to make money as a makeup artist

5. Collaboration

Collaborating with other people in the beauty industry is a way for increasing the visibility of your brand. You can collaborate with photographers, models or fashion designers who will frequently need your service. And this are the few informations I think that a makeup artist can make money from.


The above are the ways we have gathered from researches which if you do you will stand a chance of making it big in makeup business. If you found this guide useful dont skip without sharing to your friends who will likely love to see this piece. To learn other ways you can make money from your skill please surf through below related articles on how to make money being a makeup artist.

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