Mad people have taken over our politics – Peter Obi

admin-onuahia June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/07/02 at 9:24 PM

Labour Party presidential flag bearer Peter Obi has said that mad people have taken over our politics.

According the citizens best choice for the post of the number citizen he said “This is the only country where the worst is leading. I was a trader and gradually entered into politics. When you take far more than you need, you are sick.”

He further explained this stating:-

“How do you explain that one person took N80 billion? It is not greed; it is sickness. When you take N1 billion, that is greed, but when you take N80 billion, that is sickness. Mad people have taken over our politics,” he said in the programme tagged ‘Navigating the Corridors of Power, the Church, and the Politics’.

However, he encourages Nigerians to get young people with competence and capacity to be their leader come 2023.

His statement reads below:-
“If we get young people with the competence and capacity to be there, things will change.”

Our Opinion

Peter Obi no doubt is the peoples choice. One thing that interest me about Peter Obi is that he has every qualities that people should be looking out in a leader.

He was a trader who gradually shifted into politics and this is for a purpose which is of today very much glaring as his intention is only the thin that Nigerians need at this point in time.

Let me be honest with everyone here, it is only at the Peter Obis time that many things that never happened are happening. It is in Peter Obis time that people are now queuing up to get their pvc a sign that people are tired of he mess that Buhari and APC government has plunged the country into.

Now people want to express their feelings by voting in the best candidate that can change the narrative.

Are you aware that 90percent of the people registering their permanent voters card today are motivated by Peter Obi?

This is to show you that there is already a revolution that is taking place and its really going to be massive. By the time Youths install Peter Obi as the president of Nigeria everyone will retire as they already know the man in quote is very much capable to pilot the affairs of the nation in the right direction.

Go get your PVC lets fix Nigeria together by voting in Peter Obi as the next president of Nigeria. I assure you things will definitely take shape and there will not be promises that never got fulfilled.

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