How to Start Paint Production Business in Nigeria

Paint production business startup in Nigeria is a venture that you will leave you with no regret. This is because paint production is a very lucrative business that you can start without the need of big funds. This paint production doesn’t require much things to start it but this is a secret many people who are outside the business don’t understand. In this article we will discuss how to start paint production business in Nigeria from scratch. Paint production business is very good and you hardly go days or weeks without landing a contract that will require you to supply paint. This is why paint production business is booming in Nigeria as everyone see light in the business from people who are doing well in the business. We will require to start this post by learning what paint is and who can start the paint production business. Now lets get straight to the point.

Painting Industry in Nigeria

Painting is a business venture that welcomes all kind of entrepreneur in whatever level you will want to start it. You can start as low as you can not imagine and you will build to the next level and even run a big production factory within a space of few months or years. People make lots of gain in painting and its a production industry you can venture in and start making money immediately.

Who can start paint production company

Anyone who has interest in paint production can come into this business and build to whatever level they want. You don’t need to have a degree in chemical engineering as some think before you can jumpstart your career in paint production. You can be trained on how to produce paint in just a few hours of lesson and you will be good to go. All you will need to do is to start practicing what you were thought.

How to start paint production business in Nigeria

Having said lots of things about paint production business now lets jump into the main process it takes to start and run a paint production company in Nigeria.

1. Planning

In every business there is always a planning stage. In this stage you have to plan your business and know what and how it will be run.

2. Registration

Business name registration is another stage in your journey of becoming a paint producer. Registring your business with corporate affairs commission is a good way to start so as your business will be incorporated and you will be given a full chance to operate your business legally.

3. Location

Here you have to think about where you want to site your company. This depends on the market you want to target in your business but the main thing here is to target a place where there are potentials for buyers like area which is receiving migration and new settling which will give you opportunity as there will be new structures that will need painting. This way you can get contract from owners of those houses and start building your list of customers.

4. Constructing your equipment

While you may not need to start this way by constructing your tools and equipment that will be used like the paint mixer and other things it is still necessary to mention it because at some point in your journey of paint production you will need paint mixer especially when you start getting orders from customers around your area. Apart from that, if you are starting new and you lack funding you can always improvise by making use of drum and shovel approach. This is the way many of us started paint production. Once you know how to produce you may even not need drum but produce in a bucket but this depends on the quantity. So you should determine what and what you need which means if you are going for a large scale production you will need to make a proper planning as its going to require a bigger funding for all the equipment and material you will need in the course of running your paint production factory. Once you are done with the equipment construction then you are good to go. Check the next step of action that you will need to take.

5. Purchase of paint chemicals

We have talked much about other things that will be required to run a paint company and now we have come to the chemicals that need to be bought for you to start your business immediately. Cost of paint chemicals and materials are going up each day and this brings us to the reason I will always advice to buy in big quantities and this will help you a lot and even to the point of making more money. If you are buying painting material in large quantity especially from the real company you will be sure of the material that is sold to you. Buying in small quantities especially chemicals like Nitrosol you may be deceived and you will end up buying the one that is mixed with calcium. This also is happening to other materials where by the seller may have tampered with it. That is why we always advise you to buy from a sealed container that is direct from the original company. When you buy a sealed chemical material it will be hard for you to be cheated as such.

6. The actual production

Now its time to talking about paint production. I am Mesh, a paint producer who was born into paint making business and even as I grew up I spent my teenage selling paint in my Dad’s shop. I will teach you how to make paint and that is why I have taking time to put up a PAINT PRODUCTION MANUAL BY MESH. In the manual you will learn all the secrets in paint making and how to be fast in growth as we explained on it. To buy the manual please contact Mesh or visit our business page

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