How to Start Filling Station Business in Nigeria

Thinking of starting a filling station business in Nigeria? Filling station business is one of the best best you can do in Nigeria although the startup is on the high side which means you have to have a lot of funds ready to kickstart the business. If you have fund for the startup business in fuel filling station business and all you have come here to do is to learn how the business is run then you have come to the right place.

Running fuel filling station in Nigeria is one business that I have interest in but this will require a lot of funds which I do not have at the moment but if by God’s grace I eventually have money to start a business I will definitely like to venture into fuel business. This as we will discuss below is a business that will make you millions even without you being active in the business. You don’t really have to be active for you to do the fuel business.

This is one of the convenience entrepreneurs rely on to make more business plans without having to think much about the business when they have done the necessary ground work and setup the business. Its all about setting yourself up for a success in a way that will be passively branded. Now lets get into the nitty gritty of running a filling station business in Nigeria. We will detail a step by step guide on how to start immediately once your fund is ready.

How to start a filling station business in Nigeria

1. Business Name Registeration

For every serious business it is advisable that you start by registering the business in quote. This is the first ever measure that you will take in order to keep your business compliant with the business policies of the federation. By this the Corporate affairs commission which is the body that oversees business operation in Nigeria will endorse your business taking cognizance of the type of business you want to venture into thus giving you the protection you require to run a business in Nigeria.

2. License Acquisition

What comes next after business name registration with the corporate affairs commission is the license acquisition. There are licenses you have to get before you can run the business of filling station. This are must have documents that everyone venturing into this business will have. Below we have listed the licenses, endorsement and permit you will need to run a filling station business in Nigeria.

To start full operation there are body that you need to consult and this are important as they will prepare you in your journey to starting a full operation of your company. Below are the list of Body that will be affiliated with to start operating.

  1. DPR – Department of Petroleum Resources
  2. PPPRA – Petroleum Products Price Regulatory Agency
  3. PPMC – Pipelines and Products Marketing Company
  4. NNPC – Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Filling station business also will require you join the union for you to operate freely with no issue. Below we have listed some of this union and association you will need to join.They include the following.

  1. IPPMAN – Independent Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria
  2. NUPENG – National Union of Petroleum and Gas Workers
  3. LAND – Two plots of land is the basic base property necessity to construct your oil filling station business premises. This will give enough space for vehicles to line up and make leave turns. Deliberately arrange cost for good landed property, the costs shifts from areas to areas and from locations to locations.

3. Land Procurement

We assume you already know about this. You will have to look out for a location that will be convenient for buyers to come in freely to purchase petrol and leave. By this we mean your filling station should be located along major roads. Its important it faces the main road directly which will let vehicles move in freely. Also remember it has to be very big space to enable all kinds of vehicles come in without having issues.

4. Install the Underground Storage Tank

The next thing for you to do is install your capacity tank. This will be your storage tank that will hold your product and is buried underground. People who build the capacity tank know better on the type of metal used in the construction so that it will not rust underground. Go ahead and hire labourers that will dig and install the tank underground for you. Once you are done with this then move unto the next one.

5. Construct the Building

On this stage after burying the underground storage tank you will have to start building and constructing the edifice that will be used as office for your business as well as the building that will hold the petrol meter used for the sales.

What you have to take note of are:

  • Bungalow for your office
  • Shelter for your pump
  • Flooring
  • You generator house building

6. Look for staff that will run and manage the business

At this point we assume you have done all that we have listed and now ready to start your business. Fuel business is not a one man business. By this I mean one person alone may not be able to run a filling station business which means you have to start looking out for people that will run the business. This list of people are normally what you get from other businesses and we will guide you by listing them below.

For you to run a successful filling station business in Nigeria below are the staff you will need. They include:-

  • Manager
  • Clerk
  • Administrator
  • Fuel attendants
  • Supervisor
  • Security

The above are just few of the staff you will ever need to run the business. You can decide to add more workers but this depends on what you want to get out of the business but the above we listed are the most important employee you will need to kickstart your filling station business in Nigeria. If you like what you read please do share to friends to come and read too.

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